The Co-Curricular Transcript

What it is, how to access it, and how to add information to it.

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So what is the Co-Curricular transcript?


It is a record of your involvement outside of the classroom. This can be turned in with your resume when you apply to jobs. Employers like to know what other types of activities a student is involved in and the volunteering aspect of this involvement is appreciated. Another use for the Co-Curricular transcript is that it is a resource to give to individuals whom you want a recommendation letter from. It helps them by providing information about yourself that sometimes they wouldn't know otherwise. 


Sometimes, these experiences are valued more than paid work experience. If you are involved in a club that was geared toward your major or the job you are applying to, and you have work experience at a fast food joint, the employer will value the club experience over the paid work. And unlike your academic transcript, the Co-Curricular transcript is primarily self reported. 


How do I access my Co-Curricular Transcript?


You can access it by clicking on "My Involvement" at the top black bar of the page, then selecting the "Co-Curricular Transcript".


What kind of information can I put on this transcript? How can I add information to it?

There are different sections that can be included in your Co-Curricular Transcript; they are Involvement History (clubs and organizations), Campus Emplyoyment/Internships, Community Service Projects, Honors and Awards, and Trainings and Workshops Completed. 


Your Involvement History is automatically recorded when you join an organization on UAA Life. On the transcript, it will list the date that the organization accepted your membership on UAA Life as the start in your involvement with them. 


To add other experiences, go to the top bar and click on "My Involvement", then select "Experiences". Then, you will see a button called "Add Experience". From there, choose which category fits best with the involvement you want to add. 


Posted by Jacqueline Odena on July 26, 2013